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Important: When you apply for a subscription you automatically agree to all conditions stated below, and are legally bound by them.


During the payment at the paypal site there will be an option to leave your name and e-mailaddress. If you have a question, or you would like to transfer the money via a normal bank transaction you can always message me via the contact page or on facebook.

Poetic Oil



Conditions: saved money through the subscription is non-refundable. If you cancel the subscription at any point the saved money will stay available to buy a painting in the future, for one year. If you buy a painting, while having saved more than the price of the painting, that extra amount you saved will stay available for a next purchase, also for one year.


5% discount explanation: If the saved amount adds up to half of the regular price of a particular painting, then 5% off the price will be waived off. This is only for reproductions and original paintings. As a subscriber are also eligible for the 5% discount on any painting if you have had a subscription for six months or more.


Example: If a painting costs 400 euro, and you have saved at least 200 euro. Then 5% will be taken off the  regular price: instead of 400, the painting will cost 380, and you pay only the remaining 180 euro as a one time payment. Please note that prices of paintings might change over time, and we will calculate the discount based on the actual price of the painting at the time you are buying it.








* subscribers get 5% off (check conditions)

* very convenient

* save automatically every month

* cancel anytime (savings will stay for 1 yr)

* support your favorite poetic painter

* you will own a beautiful oil painting after a while







* saved amount is non-refundable

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