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Haidakhan Babaji
normal size, figurative works

This is a portrait of the Indian sage Haidakhan Babaji who taught Hinduist spirituality from 1970-84. The painting is painted loosely but with precision where necessary, capturing the meditative atmosphere of the scene.

It is painted on a cardboard primed for oil-paint. The painting can easily be framed.

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Size: 39x50x0.3 cm

Materials: cardboard, primer for oil paint, oil paint

Shipping + packaging costs: nld-ger-bel 15 // eur 20 // world 25 euro

Please use the green button "informeren" to send me a message. You will be informed as quickly as possible if the painting is still available and what the total price will be depending on the shipping costs, and if you order the original or a reproduction.

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