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e-book: A Beneficial State of Mind

For sale on the Barnes & Noble website as e-book

In this e-book a practical, proactive approach to life will be explained. It can be difficult to change things in your life. Even to get a simple thing done can be a real hassle. There are many ways in which a person can drift away from his or her targets. People get stuck in confining work, business or family related situations. All the time is occupied, no sense of freedom is left and dreams are out of the window.

We can all do much better. It is time that we develop the ability to take charge and improve our life situation. For ourselves, our family and our community. We can become really proactive people. Many people already live in this way. They make things happen. Intelligence however is not enough, and talent doesn't cut it. We need a whole different way of being, a different life style, in order to enable success in our life.

Make that change today! You will learn through 30 smart principles how to better organize and gain control of your life. While a lot is explained about states of mind, the book is very practical. In the end, if we want different results we need to start doing things differently. Five smart worksheets are provided at the end of the book that will help the reader to get a grip on his or her passions and interests, help daily plan activities, reflect on personal mindsets, and gain practical insight in the 10 essential conditions that make any project a success.



This overview is far from complete, and a work in progress...