My name is Christiaan. I am an artist from the Netherlands (Haarlem). My preferred subjects are landscapes, still lives and portraits. The style I paint in ranges from realism, to more impressionistic works.


In my country I followed a classical art school. They taught me different techniques and ways to make, and interpret art. Most of the artists I adore are from the nineteenth century. In my opinion art is cyclical, and not lineair. Meaning that art does not get better and better all the time. Rather, after new styles have emerged it will return back to its roots again and again. The modern painter however has much more styles to choose from, in contrast with a painter from the middle ages. 


With my art I try to make a thing out of the ordinary for people. Something you would normally have to go to a museum for. I also use high quality materials. A painting if it is kept in good conditions, can last longer than a human lifetime.



Kind regards,


Christiaan Veltkamp